About Faisal Khwaja

A self made & motivated young man started his professional career in 2000. He has been a professional mortgage advisor since 2003. He owns a housing project of 100 acre piece of land in Pakistan named “LAHORE GREENZ”.

After a successful journey in FML Estates limited UK, he wanted to move on to expand his businesses to international market. With over 19 years of experience, started another business (WAKF INVESTMENTS LTD) in November 2018. This is a real estate, investments & Property Marketing Company, which provides the services of selling overseas (Pakistan) properties in UK. The aim is to increase investments in Pakistan by promoting trade between UK and Pakistan.

He has been playing an active and important part in PTI movement in UK. Karwan e Tabdeli is one those examples with the objective of spreading the message of Imran Khan.



As an experienced businessman and having passion about expanding businesses and creating new opportunities, currently performing duties as the managing director of WAKF Investments (Overseas Property Business), Immigrants Hub (Overseas Student Consultation) and “Socio-On” (A Social Media Platform). Recently started a new online real estate portal named Gharoga.com where latest properties from all over the Pakistan are being listed.

Faisal Khwaja is still on the road to success. There is a lot to come from his vision and experience. Currently performing duties as a managing director of POC (Pakistan Overseas Club) also offering services as a vice president of International Lawyer Club UK (ILCUK). He has been performing his duties as an Advisor to President Insaaf Sports & Culture Wing (PTI) and Director of UKPCCI (UK Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry) in the past.


WAKF Investments Ltd
is a well established company, deals in
all sorts of overseas properties from residential to commercial.

Immigrants Hub
is a student consultation centre based in UK.
It provides free consultation to overseas students.

Pakistan Overseas Club
operates as a bridge between Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis,
to decrease the gap that exists resulting in undue problems faced by them.

Sell Freee
is an online platform where you can list your items for sale and it’s
absolutely free. From sign-up to sold, it doesn`t cost anything to sell online

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-30 at 2.31.48 PM

Karwan e Tabdeeli
A social media campaign with the aim of to promoting the positive
image of Pakistan as well as to propagate the message of Imran khan,

is a trust-worthy platform where you can buy & sell properties.
It gives investment opportunities in Pakistan.

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